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Regional Funds

Warmia-Masuria Film Fund

It is also borne out of a desire to secure economic benefits for the province and promote this beautiful land, to make it more attractive to tourists, Polish/international investors and, last but not least – filmmakers. The distinguishing features of the Warmia and Mazury Province are its exceptional outdoor locations, natural beauty, the architecture of historic palaces and religious sites, and its unique small-town buildings.

The Warmia-Masuria Film Fund is a significant regional effort to support the movie industry by providing multiple forms of assistance:

  • movie production co-financing of up to 50 % of the production costs,
  • financial investment – with the right to share future box office revenues (under a co-production agreement concluded with the film’s producer),
  • consultation, assistance in finding sponsors/co-producers, negotiating terms of agreements with local companies and owners of hotels/establishments/locations, holding extra auditions,
  • administrative facilities, police permits,
  • contributions and benefits in kind (sites, locations, fees and covering administrative costs),
  • coordination of technical tasks, logistics, etc.,
  • recommendations for prospective movie production locales in the form of a special catalogue of locations, sites and exteriors, i.e. the Film Location Guide.






Phone: +48 89 513 17 50; +48 501 506 400
E-mail:  bogumil.osinski@ceik.eu
Website:  https://www.funduszfilmowy.warmia.mazury.pl