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Regional Funds

Podkarpackie Regional FIlm Fund Photo

Podkarpackie Film Fund

The commission supports filmmaking at all stages – from choosing the best locations, helping with the permits you require, up to reaching the audio-visual specialists and the production services in our region. The commission keeps a constantly updated database of shooting locations, local specialists and service providers.
The Podkarpackie Film Commission is in charge of the Podkarpackie Regional Film Fund - from which a producer may gain financial resources for feature film, documentary or animated cartoon. The funds, functioning on the basis of the co-production contribution, have been allocated within the framework of a competition since 2017. 
It is an annual program of financial support for film productions in Podkarpackie region. The annual budget of the program is approximately 1 million PLN. Usually, the call for application starts in April and ends in May, finalists are known in June. Only polish producers can apply. Maximum contribution cannot exceed 50% of film budget. It is required to confirm spending 100% co-production contribution in Podkarpackie region in the final report. Current recruitment information and application forma are published on website: https://www.podkarpackiefilm.pl/pl/fundusze/prff
The potential of Podkarpackie region locations comes mainly from their diversity. This publication aims at presenting a selection of places and suggesting their potential use in films. 

We hope it brings you a flavour of Podkarpackie region and makes you hungry for more: https://www.podkarpackiefilm.pl/en/location/publikacje-2


Jagoda Mazepa - Film fund specialist
Phone: +48 510 193 902
E-mail: j.mazepa@podkarpackiefilm.pl
Website: www.podkarpackiefilm.pl