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Polish-German Film Fund

The Polish-German Film Fund (PGFF) is created by the Polish Film Institute, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM), and the German Federal Film Board (FFA). Its annual budget amounts to EUR 500 000.


1. Types of eligible projects

Development of feature-length film projects: narrative, documentary and animated films;

2. Grant amounts

The maximum amount of financing is generally set at 70,000 euros for project development;

3. Application process

Applications are to be submitted using forms available on the websites of the PISF (https://pisf-wnioski.pl/.), MDM, Medienboard and the FFA. Application deadlines are announced on the above-mentioned websites. Duly completed application forms and all appendices must be submitted concurrently to all four organizations, in German or English on the German side, and in Polish on the Polish side.

Applications for financial support for co-development must contain:

  • a co-development agreement between at least one Polish producer and one German producer,
  • a treatment or screenplay,
  • a dialogue scene,
  • and a synopsis,
  • a financial plan,
  • a statement regarding the acquisition of copyrights to the script (including contracts),
  • detailed producer's notes.

Each of the co-producers receives a part of the co-financing proportionally to its financial contribution to the total cost of project development, which must be specified in the co-development agreement. The financial participation of each producer in the total costs of the project must be at least 20%, including the subsidy.

The commitment granting financial support is valid for all co-producers and the supporting funding body. Each of the co-producing parties shall receive a part of the financial support proportional to their financial contribution to the total cost of project development (including the cost of the acquisition of rights etc.), which must be stated in the agreement for co-development or co-production. The co-producer responsible for the application and for handling the accounts shall transfer his/her respective share of each instalment as specified in the agreement for co-development to the co-producer.

Financial support must be repaid at the first day of principal shooting or following a sale of the rights to a third party. This rule doesn't apply if the project is supported with a grant by PISF. In this case the development support is to be paid back from a subsequent production funding from PISF.