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Regional Funds


 There are currently eleven operating funds, but the authorities in the regions not yet covered have declared that more will be launched. 

In the case of Dolnoslaskie (Lower Silesian), Malopolskie (Lesser Poland), Mazowieckie (Mazovian), Podkarpackie, Slaskie (Silesian), Lodz and Poznan, the regional film commissions work alongside the film funds. 

In general, the Polish regional film funds seek film projects by announcing competitions. 

One basic condition for entering a project for a competition is that it is related to a city or town in the region, or to the region itself, either in its theme and / or its setting, or through the participation of local people and companies in its production. 

Support is also contingent on the expending of at least 100% of the funding within the region; in some cases, the sum to be expended is 150%. 

The competition organisers are interested in consolidating and enhancing the positive image of the city, town or region, which is why projects intending to use distinctive locations, sites and buildings receive the most favourable assessments. 

The Polish regional film funds differ in terms of the budgets they manage, the form of support they provide and the sums which must be expended in their cities, towns and region during the production of a film. 

Support most often takes the form of the institution managing the fund participating in the production as a co-producer with its own financial or in-kind contribution. 

Other forms of support are non-repayable grants or refunds, in other words, a partial reimbursement of the costs incurred, which is paid after the production has been completed. All the Polish film funds provide support of up to 50% of the film’s budget, although in the case of documentaries and animated films, the funding may be higher. 

The regional film funds usually announce the competitions once a year, with the assessment of the projects and allocation of funding taking anything from sixty to one hundred and twenty days. 

Foreign producers are also welcome to submit projects, though preferably as partners to Polish producers. All the requisite documentation must be completed in Polish.