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GFF fot. B. Kociumbas

Gdańsk Film Fund

The priority goals of the Gdansk Film Fund are:

  • Making film productions and certifying Gdansk as a city of exceptional importance, culture and values
  • development of Gdansk as a method of film culture development - development of the film community: production and post-production.

The basis for public participation in films is the Competition organized by the Gdansk Film Fund. The City Culture Institute will be participants in projects selected in the competition as a co-producer.

What designs can be for the competition:

  • feature films (duration over 70 minutes),
  • documentaries
  • animated films


  • on the side of film production with Gdansk (as a place of implementation, thematically, through participation in the promotion of actors in Gdansk and local expenses.
  • The participation of the Gdansk Film Fund in the film cannot exceed 50% of the planned production expenditure.
  • The producer is issued every 100% of the awarded quality in Gdansk.

Film productions are evaluated in 3 stages: formal evaluation, expert evaluation (artistic and economic-production) and strategic evaluation by the GFF Program Council.

The call for projects for the Gdansk Film Fund competition is announced once a year. Producers applying for a financial contribution for their project within the Gdansk Film Fund are obliged to submit an appropriate application available at


Phone: +48 506 296 125


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