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30% Cash Rebate Basics


The programme is regulated by The Act on Financial Support for Audiovisual Production and offers reimbursement of production costs incurred in Poland in the amount of 30% of Polish Eligible Costs.

Funds come directly from the state budget and Polish Film Institute is the sole operator of the programme.

The Institute accepts applications throughout the year until the pool of funds is depleted. Every year, 10% of the annual incentive budget is reserved for animated productions. The annual budget is PLN 108 000 000 (approx. EUR 24 000 000* / USD 27 000 000*). List of the applicants can be found in The Public Information Bulletin.

The support covers national and international co-productions of full-length featured, animated and documentary films as well as series and services provided for foreign productions. The costs eligible for a refund include expenses related to:

  • the production and its preparation;
  • rental of equipment and purchase of services;
  • payment of fees and remuneration for filmmakers and crew.

The costs should be incurred in Poland and services should be purchased from Polish companies. The maximum support for one project is PLN 15 000 000 (approx. EUR 3 333 000* / USD 3 750 000*), and for one beneficiary PLN 20 000 000 (approx. EUR 4 444 000* / USD 5 000 000*)  per year. Your production can count on a 30% refund if the result of the qualification test is positive and you spend a certain amount of money on producing the film in Poland. To apply for a refund you must have a Polish partner onboard or an office/branch registered in Poland. At least 75% of the total project financing must be confirmed at the moment of application. Cultural test applies - example assessment criteria for granting PFI reimbursement for the project:


The qualification test evaluates:

  • the use of the Polish or European cultural heritage in a Production;
  • the number of shooting or post production days in Poland;
  • the use of locations and film infrastructure;
  • the participation of Polish artists and crews. Your project must earn at least 51% of the points available to be able to claim the refund. The minimum spending thresholds depend on the type of production.

Please note, applications are submitted in Polish. * exchange rates may be subject to change