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Regional Funds

Silesian Film Fund

The total amount of funding that goes towards the productions selected by public tender shall not exceed 50% of the given film budget. Silesia Film Instite becomes a co-producer with financial contribution and all the profits gained from the co-production supply the Fund, which may be growing in following years. Producers of the films co-financed by the Silesian Film Fund are obliged to spend at least 150% of financial support in the Silesian Voivodeship.
The financial means acquired by Silesia Film Institute from the co-productions are allocated to the Fund, thanks to which it can grow larger. During its 15-year-long activity the Silesian Film Fund has supported 77 productions, amongst the most significant one should mention: ""Cold War"" directed by Paweł Pawlikowski, ""Gareth Jones"" directed by Agnieszka Holland, “The Congress” directed by Ari Folman, “You Are God”, directed by Leszek Dawid or “Bread and Salt” directed by Damian Kocur."


Phone: +48 32 351 12 20 ext. 203; +48 698 353 147
E-mail:  p.mlynarczyk@silesiafilm.com
Website:  https://www.silesiafilmcommission.pl/