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Polish Film Institute


Objective XII: Screenwriting scholarships

1. Types of eligible projects:

1) script of an auteur film (feature films, feature-length documentaries, animated films);

2) script of an historical film (feature films, feature-length documentaries and animated films);

3) script of a film for young or family audiences (feature films and feature-length animated films);

4) script of a film with significant attendance potential (feature films and feature-length animated films).

2.  The beneficiaries are the screenwriters - natural persons, having produced a film based on their script or co-written by them or persons having significant literary or journalistic output.

3. Debuting screenwriters with no literary or film achievements shall not be eligible to apply for the Screenwriting scholarship. 

4.  The subject of the application shall be the co-financing of script development process; a script already written shall not be eligible for a scholarship. Screenwriting must not take more than 12 months.

5. The scholarship is awarded to a screenwriter writing an original work that is a product of their own creativity. It is possible to apply for co-financing of a script that will be an adaptation of an existing work, provided that the screenwriter is the author of that work or can document the acquisition of the author's economic rights to the work to be adapted. The copyright transfer agreement must authorize not only the writing of the script, but also the production of a film based on it and the exploitation of that film.

6. Co-financing amounts: co-financing may be awarded of up to PLN 10,000.00 (ten thousand zloty).


Call for application:

Session I/2022: 24.01-28.01.2022 
Session II/2022: 25.04-29.04.2022 
Session III/2022: 22.08-26.08.2022  


Application attachments:

Screenwriting scholarships - application attachments - download


Other requirements:

  1. application is to be submitted in Polish;
  2.  the co-financing application and required attachments must be submitted through the PISF Internet Application Submission System, also known as "ISSW", (https://pisf-wnioski.pl/);
  3. documents in foreign languages must be accompanied by a translation into Polish. At each request of PISF, the applicant must present a certified translation of a given document. Documents submitted to conclude an agreement with PISF must be accompanied by a translation into Polish confirmed by a certified translator;
  4. a project financing commitment or a decision of the General Director of the Polish Film Institute to co-finance a project shall be valid for 6 months from the date of publishing this information on the Institute's website www.pisf.pl. In special cases, upon a justified request of the producer, the validity of the project financing commitment may be extended. The total term of the project financing commitment shall not exceed 3 years. If within the period of validity of a project financing commitment or decision the applicant fails to provide documents required for the conclusion of a co-financing agreement, the decision of the General Director of the Polish Film Institute to award co-financing shall expire;