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Polish Film Institute

Promotion of Polish Film Abroad

Objective II: Distribution of Polish film abroad

1. The purpose of Objective II  is to:

  1. increase the availability of Polish films abroad;
  2. increase the audience for Polish films and to increase recognition of Polish creators on international markets;
  3. increase potential worldwide distribution revenue for the film;
  4. increase control and monitor data on attendance and revenues of Polish films in foreign markets.

2. Types of eligible projects:

Theatrical distribution of a feature film or an animated series of which a Polish producer is the lead producer[1], in a territory other than Poland. Distribution in VOD services is possible subject to the approval of the General Director of the Polish Film Institute.

3. Beneficiaries: foreign film distributors. 

4. Formal and financial requirements of the project:

   1) co-financing may not exceed:

  • 50% of the project budget,
  • PLN 40,000.00 (forty thousand zloty) for distribution costs in one country,
  • PLN 120,000.00 (one hundred and twenty thousand zloty) for distribution costs per film distributed in two or more countries;

   2) share of public funds from various sources in the project budget - excluding funds from Community programmes, which may be cumulated with public funds based on separate regulations or decisions of competent authorities of the European Union - may not exceed 90% of the total budget;

   3) theatrical distribution must include at least 5 cinemas in case of feature films and animated films and at least 3 cinemas in case of documentaries and animated series;

   4) the applicant is obliged to present an agreement confirming the distribution rights in the territory, including in particular information about the fields of exploitation;

   5) the applicant is required to provide information regarding the project budget, minimum and maximum P&A costs, number of screens intended for distribution, and a schedule and detailed cost estimate of the project;

   6) an applicant may submit a maximum of 3 applications for one film;

   7) the cost estimate for the project must include only the costs necessary to complete this project; 

   8) the co-financing is designated and may be spent only to cover the costs included in the closed list of eligible costs concerning Objective II in OP Promotion of Polish film abroad;

   9) the contribution of the requested amount in the budget of the project may exceed the percentage specified in item 1 only in special, materially justified cases, provided that it may not exceed the percentage limits specified in the Regulation. If this is the case, the application should be accompanied by a letter to the General Director of the Polish Film Institute stating the reasons and requesting permission to consider the application.

5. Project selection criteria:

1) formal evaluation criteria:

  •  formal correctness of the application,
  • cooperation with PISF to date, including timeliness and reliability of the applicant's settlements,
  • declared share of own funds or funds from other sources, subject to the provisions of 4.3. above. The applicant's minimum contribution should be 10% of the total project budget;

2) substantive evaluation criteria:

  • high artistic quality of a film or artistic and educational quality of an animated series. Priority of co-financing will be given to films and animated series that received PISF co-financing for production and that achieved attendance success in Poland or won recognition at international film festivals,
  • the distributor's experience in the relevant market,
  • the number and profile of films distributed by the distributor,
  • potential to reach audiences in a given market,
  • consistency and originality of the concept of film promotion,
  • applicant's experience in working with Polish films,
  • intended effects, aimed at long-term cooperation,
  • feasibility and adequacy of the cost estimate in relation to the substantive content of the project and the assumed objectives.


Call for application 

Co-financing applications shall be submitted to the Institute on a continuous basis. 

 The co-financing application and the required attachments must be submitted through the PISF Internet Application Submission System, also known as "ISSW", (https://pisf-wnioski.pl/).

[1] Lead producer for the purposes of the OP Promotion of Polish film abroad is defined as a producer who has a decisive influence on the shape of the film, makes the biggest financial contribution to the budget (including public funds and investors) and is one of the initiators of the project.