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Guide to Poland



The condition of Polish roads could be described as good. In some cases, the train travel time is distinctly shorter than driving.



Poland can be reached by air from every major city in Europe in a mere two to three hours. Warsaw has direct flight connections with all the major cities in Poland. Thanks to its central location, all flights from other cities to Warsaw take around one hour.



Flight time from Warsaw.

Warsaw > Berlin 1 h 25 min

Warsaw > Oslo 1 h 50 min

Warsaw > Paris 2 h 15 min

Warsaw > London 2 h 25 min

Warsaw > Tel Aviv 3 h 50 min

Warsaw > Doha 5 h 35 min

Warsaw > Beijing 8 h 05 min

Warsaw > New York City 8 h 30 min

Warsaw > Toronto 8 h 35 min

Warsaw > Mumbai 10 h 20 min

Warsaw > Seoul 10 h 35 min

Warsaw > Los Angeles 11 h 35 min


Distance and approximate driving travel time between cities in Poland.

Cracow > Gdansk 605 km, 5 h 30 min

Cracow > Katowice 80 km, 1 h

Cracow > Wroclaw 271 km, 3 h 15 min

Warsaw > Bialystok 197 km, 2 h 40 min

Warsaw > Gdansk 340 km, 3 h 20 min

Warsaw > Lublin 180 km, 2 h

Warsaw > Lodz 136 km, 1 h 30 min

Warsaw > Cracow 300 km, 4 h

Warsaw > Katowice 300 km, 3 h

Warsaw > Poznan 310 km, 3 h

Warsaw > Olsztyn 214 km, 2 h 20 min

Warsaw > Rzeszow 330 km, 4 h

Warsaw > Szczecin 572 km, 5 h 30 min

Warsaw > Wroclaw 300 km, 4 h

Wrocław > Poznan 175 km, 2 h



Poland is a member of the European Union and in the Schengen Area. In order to enter the area, citizens of third countries must hold a valid travel document and, if required, a visa. U.S. citizens who are allowed to enter the Schengen Area may enter Poland for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa.


Visa-exempt countries:

The citizens of more than 90 countries are not required to be in possession of a visa when entering Poland for a period shorter than 90 days. The list of those countries can be found here:


The above list does not apply to residence, work, or any other paid activity (not applicable to citizens from the EU/EEA Member States). Artists can legally work in Poland for up to 30 days within 12 calendar months. They need to apply for a working visa if they wish to stay beyond the above-mentioned period of time.


Visa required countries:

The citizens of countries not listed above are required to be in possession of one of the following documents:

• a uniform short-stay Schengen visa (C);

• a Polish long-stay national visa (D);

• a Polish residence permit;

• a residence permit or a national long-stay visa issued by another Schengen state.


Before submitting an application for a Schengen or national visa, the application must be registered electronically at a Polish Consular Office. This can be done at: https://secure.e-konsulat.gov.pl/


Along with the other EU member states, Poland belongs to the Taxation and Customs Union and goods brought into, and taken out of, the country from within the EU are not liable for duty. Poland is also a signatory of the Convention on Temporary Admissions, thus ATA Carnets are honoured, making the transportation of film equipment over the border a simpler matter.