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Company category: "film services".

film services

ORKA is a respected, strong partner - a production and post-production studio, recognized as one of the largest production companies in Poland. ORKA's portfolio includes hundreds of feature films, series and advertising campaigns on the domestic and foreign markets. The studio has experience in international productions, cooperation with the Polish Film Institute, Regional Funds, Eurimages and Creative Europe.


1. Production service:

- Full support from early preproduction, development, and production.

2. Postproduction sercice:

– 3D animation, character animation

– 2D animation and motion design

– VFX services including advanced green-screen compositing

– FX: liquids, particles and other simulations

– CGI/modeling

– concept / design / art direction

– matte painting / 3D environments creation

– VFX supervision and on-set supervision (including remote one)

– color-grading (including remote grading)

– editing (offline edit)

– online

– colorization

– sound post-production: Cafe Ole

  • The experienced ORKA team supports foreign producers in obtaining financial assistance through cash rebates for both production and VFX services, including complete post-production.
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    You can write to us by email


    or make a call


    or check the website


    or just visit us at this address

    Bukowińska 22/3B 02-703 Warszawa Mazowian 5212702963

    Contact person

    Marta Krzeptowska, Producer

    You can write to us by email


    or make a call


    or just visit us at this address