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Łódź Film Commission

Company category: "film commission".

film commission

Łódź Film Commission was established in 2009 as the first organization of this type in Poland, being the next stage—after the Łódź Film Fund, set up two years before—in the film policy of the City of Łódź. The Łódź Film Commission provides comprehensive and professional assistance to producers of any forms of audiovisual production. Each project receives assistance in finding the best locations, obtaining all types of permits or consents of property owners, closing off parts of parks, green areas or urban space for the purposes of the film crew etc. The Commission also offers support in contacts with entities of crucial importance for the preparation and production of a film: public services or the local media. The Łódź Film Commission also administers the Łódź Film Fund, which offers producers co-financing for feature, documentary, and animated films. The assistance offered by the Łódź Film Commission, from the moment you get in touch with us up to the decision that the shooting will take place in Łódź, is free of charge. Having selected the shooting locations, a producer can receive further support from the Commission for a flat-rate fee. Łódź Film Commission is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), Cine-regio, section of regional film funds and series producers section in the Polish Producers Alliance and Association of Polish Animation Producers.


Łódź Film Commission services include:

• assistance in searching for film locations

• providing information about film, television, and multimedia production specialists operating in the city and in the region, as well as companies and institutions supporting this industry, e.g. legal counsels, translation companies, advertising agencies, the media, etc.

• providing information about available city resources—studios, etc.

• assistance in obtaining all types of permits

• assistance in talks with property owners

• promoting Łódź and the region as a place that welcomes the most advanced film, television, and multimedia productions and other audio-visual initiatives

Other tasks of the Łódź Film Commission include the creation of film production support instruments such as: low fees for occupying a traffic lane, and the creation of databases of shooting locations and film industry specialists: https://bazadanych.lodzfilmcommission.pl/en/, as well as the provision of information about any resources that a producer needs to run a project smoothly and efficiently.


Łódź Film Commission

You can write to us by email


or make a call

+48 42 600 61 33

or check the website


or just visit us at this address

ul. Targowa 1/3 90-022 Łódź Lodz Province PL 7251972744

Contact person

Monika Głowacka, Commission Head

You can write to us by email


or make a call

+48 605054235

or just visit us at this address