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Company category: "camera rental".

camera rental

We are a film production company and cinema gear rental house founded in 2012 by producer Agnieszka Dziedzic and cinematographer Jakub Burakiewicz. In addition to our successful film productions, we proudly offer film equipment rental services for feature films, commercials, and documentary projects. We are here to make your equipment rental experience seamless and enjoyable, and we are thrilled to be a part of your film journey. We can’t wait to contribute to the success of your creative endeavors!


We offer rental of cameras, lenses and camera equipment, as well as a full service for organising any additional camera equipment required for a project. Our job is to find the best technical solution that works for both DP, Production and 1AC.


KOI STUDIO Spółka z. o.o.

You can write to us by email


or make a call

+48 535 714 902

or check the website


or just visit us at this address

Słupecka 4/29 02-309 Warszawa Mazowieckie 7010332782

Contact person

Jakub Burakiewicz, CEO

You can write to us by email


or make a call

+48 607 204 774

or just visit us at this address